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Locusts and Hyenas: The Red Sea Hills of Eastern Egypt & Sudan

Following on the recent swarms of Locusts in Egypt and Israel, here is an update of a blog on the topic (and on hyenas): Previous blogs on work in the Red Sea Hills are found here and here. During the … Continue reading

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Colonial Cuisine in Africa and What Followed

What stands out clearly in the above photo is the effort [to greater or lesser degrees unconscious] by colonials to distance themselves from their colonized subjects while also projecting a vision of improvement – of bringing ‘civilization’ to the ‘Dark … Continue reading

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Sorghum ‘Stew’, Dry Land Bamboo – & Spatial Analysis in the Gum Arabic Belt of Sudan

The last blog  entry mentioned that in the area of the Blue Nile in which Sir Samuel Baker was traveling in 1861 there had been extensive stands of dry land bamboo, and that in the early 1990’s I was part … Continue reading

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