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What John H. Speke, Explorer, Can tell Us about Gum Arabic, 2 of 3

As the African explorers Livingston and Burton, the explorer Speke detailed the important uses of gum acacias in local life and in national and international markets.  The potential of gums for colonial powers [read colonial U.K.] reflects the market interests that could … Continue reading

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What Samuel Baker, Explorer, Can tell Us about Gum Arabic 1 of 3

Gum arabic, the resin of certain acacia trees, has been an important product of east Africa and the Sahel for millennia.  In addition to being traded as far away as India, it is eaten by local animals and has also been a … Continue reading

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Teeth-filing as a Mark of Beauty and Belonging in 19th Century Africa

This blog follows on Gambler’s House interesting Blog about Filed Teeth at Cahokia : One of the distinctive characteristics of Cahokia and its area of strong influence is the prevalence of filed teeth in many human burials. Filing of teeth as … Continue reading

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A Colonial Elephant Hunt in Central Africa – Sir Samuel Baker

[First posted August.. 2009,  Revised 08 November 2011] In 1862 Sir Samuel Baker and his Hungarian wife Lady Florence, set off to discover the source of the Nile. Theirs is one of the more bazaar and fascinating pages of colonial … Continue reading

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Discovering the Rusizi River – Did It flow IN or OUT?!, Pt. I

East African explorations in the mid 19th Century were overwhelming directed to discovering the source of the Nile in central Africa.  Along side this goal, laying out ways and means whereby the English could establish a strong foothold in East and central Africa … Continue reading

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Sir Samuel Baker ‘Discovers’ the Albert N’Yanza

Baker and Lady Florence used riding cattle after their horses, donkeys and camels had all died. Baker’s goal of discovering the lake that he named ‘Albert N’yanza’ was finally reached 14 March 1863. He and his wife had both been … Continue reading

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How to Make Salt from Grasses or Goat Dung in northern Uganda, 1860’s

Proceeding up the White Nile basin from Gondokro (current Juba, in southern Sudan) for about 100 miles, the Bakers entered the Latooka territory where they stayed for a short time. Samuel Baker thought the Latooka to be the most handsome … Continue reading

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