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Sorghum Beer in Colonial Burundi and Now

Continuing past blogs on the production of local beverages that are fermented, let’s move on to sorghum beer – which until recent times was the most important local brew in Burundi.  It’s production is described by Hans Meyer, in Les … Continue reading

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‘Cow Grease’, Meat and Pâtes – Traditional Burundian Cuisine

Piecing together information on the traditional cuisines of an area – in this case, upcountry Burundi – requires many hours and days of chit-chat about, and observation of crops, processing and cooking procedures, and possible ceremonial or status links. Getting … Continue reading

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Sorghum ‘Stew’, Dry Land Bamboo – & Spatial Analysis in the Gum Arabic Belt of Sudan

The last blog  entry mentioned that in the area of the Blue Nile in which Sir Samuel Baker was traveling in 1861 there had been extensive stands of dry land bamboo, and that in the early 1990’s I was part … Continue reading

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How to Air-Dry Game Meat and Prepare Nutritious Foods for Safari, 1862

During their explorations of the White and Blue Niles in the mid 19th Century, Sir Samuel Baker and his wife Florence seem to have gone comfortably native – at least when it came to food.  Baker’s travel journals provide more information on … Continue reading

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