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Wargames – South Africans and Others

In 1998 and for several years thereafter, during the fighting here, the South African military came in as the first wave of African Union (AU) troops whose mission was to work with the Burundi military in peace-keeping activities.  The AU was … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies: Nature vs. Science vs. Open Access – Explained

Open Access has become a major topic of discussion in the West; as, too, related issues of publication.  Why in the ‘West?’ because access to digital technology as well as to many  journals is generally absent in developing countries. It … Continue reading

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Livestock Restocking in Burundi: More Complicated than ‘The Gift of a Goat’

Livestock – particularly goats – play a key role in smallholders’ agricultural activities in Burundi.  They are a ‘savings-bank on the hoof’, thus can be sold in case of emergency for cash.  Their manure and urine provide excellent inputs for … Continue reading

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Work and Life During The War Years in Burundi. 2004

From time to time I will be posting emails that i wrote during the war years to  friends and colleagues in other countries regarding our goat project and security and life in general – especially 2002 – 2006. Events have … Continue reading

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Homemade Vaccines in Africa, Then and Now

Homemade vaccines, or autoinoculation against virulent diseases, both for livestock and for people, has – and continues to be practiced – in Africa.  And, as seen in the above picture, early uses of small-pox vaccination in Europe were viewed with … Continue reading

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Wild Coffee and other Indigenous Species in Central Africa

A recent blog by the  Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog, on the failure of an eco-promotion project for indigenous coffee in Uganda, I don’t find surprising and agree with the ‘lessons learned’ scenario presented in the blog, and particularly that local markets … Continue reading

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‘Cross-Species’ Animal Friendships in Africa

A couple of additions, at the bottom of the blog, thanks to National Geographic. While ‘cross-species’ animal friendships are not usual, here are a few, mainly here in Africa, that are pretty unique: Goats are very friendly animals, whom I … Continue reading

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