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Easter Season in Egypt, 1834: ‘Smelling the Breeze’, Making Kishk, Eating Colored Eggs & Salted Fish

Manners and Customs of The Modern Egyptians, by E. Lane, is a two-volume set filled with lore about Egypt during the author’s time (1834). And although it makes for fascinating reading, the book is now largely ‘put down’ by post-colonial theorists … Continue reading

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Grain Taxes and The Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS)

The manuscripts and archaeological remains from the Fayum have provided us with an important view of administration and life in Ptolemaic and Roman times in Egypt.  As the plan and photo of a granary in Karanis above shows, this was a region … Continue reading

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The Day President Sadat was Assassinated & What Followed

Reposting with readers’ suggestions: What may be the ultimate demise of ex-president  Mubarak, his sons, and others – with all of their attendant intrigues – takes me back some 30 years to the assassination of President Sadat, which I want to … Continue reading

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Amulets and Intermediaries in Egypt and Elsewhere, Pt.1: Confronting the Afrit

A variety of amulets, charms, and other means of warding off pernicious spirits – as well as propituating the help of benevolent spirits and saints – have been common in Islam, Judaïsme, and Christianity throughout the Middle East, North Africa … Continue reading

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More Pig and Pork Stories

[First posted July 2009,  Revised 09 December 2011] Pigs have had a contentious history.  To begin with, they usually reside near the bottom of the livestock prestige pyramid, with cattle, horse and camel occupying the higher niches, sheep, goats and poultry found … Continue reading

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Comfort Foods – in Egypt

Comfort foods in Egypt depend on the region. In urban areas, ful (beans) with ‘aysh balady (country bread) and tourshy (pickles) is a winning sandwich for any time of the day and available in street carts throughout cities. Falafel, fried ful beans with cumin and … Continue reading

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The Mouse becomes Vizier in Ancient Egypt

Revised 23 May 2014   Tales of mice and cats, such as the following, were popular in ancient Egypt. They were generally written in Middle Egyptian hieratic, which is a cursive form of hieroglyphic.  These texts are excellent exercises for aspiring scribes (or, as … Continue reading

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