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With a group of BaTwa (pygmy) women potters, with whom we've worked to enhance production and sales of their wonderful pots - fantastic for cooking and serving. To see the 2 blogs on this work enter 'batwa pots' into the search engine located just above this picture. Blog entries throughout this site are about Africa, as well as about the Middle East and life in general - reflecting over 35 years of work and research in Africa and the Middle East – Come and join me!

Desperate for a way out

Originally posted on Bridges from Bamako:
“A tragedy of epic proportions” — that’s how the International Organization for Migration describes what’s been happening to the migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean this year. On the African continent, while instability and…

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A Ptolemaic Tale of Lust and Abandonment

A take by Reeder = .. it is not coincidental that the Egyptian word muu, for the so-called muu dancers, … who were responsible for bringing the souls of the dead to the afterworld, referred to jesters, buffoons, and dwarfs (Budge, 1978; Faulkner, 1986), for these … Continue reading

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Supersyllabogram A for amphora with the aromatic and dye saffron UPDATE

Originally posted on Ritaroberts's Blog:
Source: Supersyllabogram A for amphora with the aromatic and dye saffron UPDATE This is one of many of Richard Vallance posts about the Linear B ancient scripts writings.  As you all know Richard is…

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Récent happenings Here in Burundi

I’ve been out of circulation for some weeks due to illness – soon to catch up/In the meantime, here is an interesting article on weaving in the old kingdom and nice photo of a very unhappy Manul cat. Sorry – computer … Continue reading

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Ancient Lives: Papyrology for People Who aren’t Papyrologists

Originally posted on Let the Reader Understand:
A few months ago I was introduced to the University of of Oxford’s Ancient Lives papyri transcription project while TAing a class for Eric Smith. This morning I rediscovered it and have been having some…

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Antiquity Imagined: The Remarkable Legacy of Egypt and the Ancient Near East

Originally posted on HARN Weblog:
HARN member, Robin Derricourt, has sent us notification of his latest publication: Antiquity Imagined: the remarkable legacy of Egypt and the ancient Near East (London: I.B. Tauris, 2015)  Outsiders have long attributed to the Middle…

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On the origin of Roman concrete

Originally posted on Per Storemyr Archaeology & Conservation:
The Pantheon cupola in Rome, made by Roman concrete some 2000 years ago. Source: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 You mix burnt lime, volcanic ash and sand/gravel. Then you have the famed…

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