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An Ancient Jewish Community on Elephantine Island, Aswan

One of the most interesting interludes in ancient Egyptian history concerns the Jewish community that inhabited a portion of Elephantine Island, located in southern Egypt adjacent to the town of Aswan, during the 5th and 4th centuries B.C.E.  There has been considerable … Continue reading

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Easter Season in Egypt, 1834: ‘Smelling the Breeze’, Making Kishk, Eating Colored Eggs & Salted Fish

Manners and Customs of The Modern Egyptians, by E. Lane, is a two-volume set filled with lore about Egypt during the author’s time (1834). And although it makes for fascinating reading, the book is now largely ‘put down’ by post-colonial theorists … Continue reading

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Two Sentenced to Death for Throwing Children off a Rooftop in Alexandria, Egypt

Originally posted on Egyptian Streets:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF0ibCcz0MY%5D The Alexandria Criminal Court has sentenced Mahmoud Hassan Ramadan and Mohamed Al-Ahmady to death for throwing three teenagers off the roof of an apartment block. The papers for the approval of the capital punishment…

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The girl with the Christian tattoo: Religious-magical practices in late antique Egypt

Originally posted on Faces&Voices:
Images of the tattoo. © The British Museum Trustees via The Telegraph The British Museum will host soon an exhibition of Egyptian mummies, Ancient lives, new discoveries, that is destined to become a blockbuster.…

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The Rarely Seen Birds of Egypt, by Ahmed Waheed

See on Scoop.it – Africa and Beyond Ahmed Waheed started bird-watching when he was seven years old. He would travel with his father, who was the manager of the Zaranik Protectorate in North Sinai. The protectorate covers 250 square kilometers, and … Continue reading

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Excursion to the Pyramids of Gizeh, August 25, 1842

The intrepid  global traveller Ida Pfeifer visited the Holy Lands and Egypt  in 1842.  While in Egypt she traveled to Giza and climbed the great pyramid.  Below is a description of her adventure, take from a longer blog on her … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies: About Hyaenas

In the ‘The Lion King‘,  three hyaenas are shown as silly buffoons, giggling and cackling their way through the movie.  Researchers and other hyena specialists unsuccessfully pleaded with Disney, makers of the movie, to portray hyenas as they are – serious, … Continue reading

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