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Antibiotics, Bed Rest and Friends – Standard for Recovery in Central Africa

In early August I was found collapsed on the floor of my office at the Hotel Club du Lac.  So far, I’ve been given three versions of ‘what happened’ – and then there is a fourth version (mine).Taken to the … Continue reading

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‘Recipes’ for Treating the Eyes: The Papyrus Ebers & My Opthalmic Shingles

Revised 19-07-2012 Wajet eye.  Source:  Wiki. It has now been two years since my encounter with opthalmic shingles, and while the searing pain has lessened, it is still very much with me.  Earlier this year a doctor from the States was here and … Continue reading

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Nutsedge – perhaps the oldest managed ‘weed’ in Predynastic Egypt

Nutsedge is one of the oldest plants found in Egyptian predynastic sites that was used for food.  Its tubers continued to be used in historical times in Egypt, both as food, as well as in medications. Eric Danell has this … Continue reading

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Managing Pain – Epiphanies of Childhood & Now

The past few weeks I’ve been miserable from a terrible ‘attack’ of hive-like itchy-skin, which my doctor thinks is linked to the ophthalmic shingles of some months back. It is getting better – and in the meantime, I’ve returned to … Continue reading

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Ancient Egyptian Magical Spells Appropriate for Banquets

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Ancient Egyptians were fond of magical spells that could assist both in daily life as well as during emergencies.  Here is a collection of spells that are related primarily to eating and cuisine: Grace before a Meal…(excerpts) The dining table … Continue reading

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An Ancient Egyptian ‘Recipe’ – for curing urinary ailments

[First posted November 2009,  Revised 10 November 2011] Even though ancient Egyptian art is replete with drawings of both banquets and crops – and even though tombs are filled with a variety of dried or preserved foods for use in … Continue reading

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Dogs and Animal Health Care in the Tropics

A few weeks ago, I talked about health care and our sick little Maxie-Dog: Animal Care and Health in the Tropics The following pix are of several of the new pups that Maxi is determined to play with.  But he’s still very weak.  … Continue reading

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